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Urban Wildlife Abecedarium: E Earth

E: Earth, The Planet
(I'm writing short pieces for my zine "The Urban Pantheist: Loving Nature While Living in the City," using the alphabet, and the suggestions I get from my LJ friends and posters. I didn't get assigned anything I felt I could use for "E" so I wrote the following:)
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Urban Wildlife Abecedarium: D Deer

Behind the cut is another chapter in a series of articles called "Invasion of the Megafauna," which will be the featured piece in the next Urban Pantheist. It also serves as my entry for "D," in my alphabetical series of assignments. Please assign me a topic for "E," for next week.

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With apologies to the Crow, my favorite Urban Animal.

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That I can even consider the black bear (Ursus americanus) for an article in a publication about urban nature is somewhat astonishing. The bear is symbolic of the wilderness, climbing trees to raid beehives and slapping fish out of the water. A bear in the city is hopelessly out of place, too big to hide under a porch or in the sewer. Two times in recent memory that a bear found itself in a New England city (Worcester, Mass, in 2002, and South Portland Maine, in May of this year), the animal was shot and killed by police. 1,2
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"A" is for

The simplest of human desires results in the creation (or destruction) of wildlife habitat.

At the Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, they are proud of their limited impact on local wildlife. The management works alongside the indigenous Achuar people, who serve as nature guides and help to steward the land wisely. The guests' cabins are perched on stilts over the river. The nature paths are regularly abandoned so that the forest can reclaim them. At night, "lights out" is the rule, to avoid disrupting the routines of nocturnal animals.
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