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Noticing the Year 03/08-09/08

Freakish weather we're having. But it's pretty typical of March, I suppose.

For whatever reason (I haven't been paying attention to detailed forecasts) the blizzards that dumped on Ohio didn't do the same here. We had steady soaking drizzle all day yesterday, culminating in evening downpours. It was cold and nasty to be outside. 5 degrees colder and it would have been ice and snow. Then, when we took the dogs out around 8:00, the rain had more or less stopped, and the air felt warm around us. It was probably in the low 50's, but since it had felt so cold when the sun was out, it felt downright tropical.

We took the dogs across the street to a relatively protected piece of park: we call it "The Island" because it's bordered by the Muddy river on one side and a swampy area on the other; When it floods, the swampy side turns into another river. So we let Jim off leash, and then Charlie, and they ran around and played in the floodwater and stuff. At one point I was holding Maggie's leash and she pulled and pulled to get into the water intil my sneakers (I left my boots at work) were completely submerged. The water was cold at first, but once I got back onto land my body heat warmed up the water in my shoes, and it wasn't too uncomfortable.

We went in before the big winds were supposed to kick up (30-50 mph) and missed all that. We could hear it from inside.

This morning (hey look it's ten o'clock already!) I took Jim out and it's brightly sunny and below freezing out, with enough wind to make it feel like 4 degrees F according to accuweather. We'll go for a brisk walk out with the dogs later, and I bet Alexis will take some beautiful pictures out there in the sunshine.


Mar. 9th, 2008 03:41 pm (UTC)
Maggie's not allowed offleash?
Mar. 9th, 2008 04:11 pm (UTC)
no, she's too unpredictable.

she does get to run around offleash if i'm confident that we won't encounter other people or dogs.


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