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Ino swims by

 photo IMG_0159_zps20bab1e8.jpg
Here's our male pygmy hippo, Inocencio, swimming by the Hippo Theater window. FYI the last few pics were originally posted on instagram. If you're interested, I'm @urbpan there too.

Dinosaurs at Drumlin

 photo IMG_0147_zpsd4bbc87d.jpg
When I was scouting out Drumlin Farm on Sunday morning, checking for mushroom hot spots, I came across this troop of giant birds. They were not very afraid of me. I held still, two of them walked right by me while the others cut through the woods to avoid me.

Pocket and me

 photo IMG_0163_zpsd6471281.jpg
A two headed monster.

3:00 snapshot #1788: Wednesday

 photo IMG_0168_zps4eac0189.jpg
Assistant Curator at work.

 photo IMG_0170_zps0c9d1977.jpg
In the next room, mealworms begin to wander.

3:00 snapshot #1787: Tuesday

 photo IMG_0160_zps1b564c81.jpg
The view of the FP zoo restaurant from behind the door to the dumpsters.

 photo IMG_0161_zpsbea06870.jpg
Ugly cell phone photo of a striped garden caterpillar on the hospital garage door. The half inch mesh (and the 15 squares to the inch screen) nicely measures this larva out to 1.63333333333333 inches long.

3:00 snapshot #1786: Monday

 photo IMG_0150_zpse4a1a18f.jpg

 photo IMG_8052_zps08a9e921.jpg
Our Hyenas went out on exhibit for the first time!

Sunday night

Sunday was a busy day: the mushroom walk in the morning, and a zoo event in the night. The zoo event was Moth Ball, a fundraiser for our AAZK chapter. This year, like many others, it was a costume party. Since I spent the evening running around organizing stuff, I have very few photos. I was dressed as a female Starfleet officer. I promise to share a photo of that as soon as someone shares one with me.

 photo IMG_8042_zps95f17904.jpg

 photo IMG_8043_zps21f8f889.jpg

 photo IMG_8045_zpsa8fa32cc.jpg
The big entertainment for the night was a show from Puppetmaster Jake!

The mushrooms, well some of them.

 photo IMG_8040_zpsff6f6887.jpg
We saw lots of mushrooms but I only brought home three photos. This one's scaly yellowish tops (not pictured), crowded brown gills, and habitat (growing from a dead hardwood) suggest Gymnopilus sp., but the lack of a distinct ring on the stem says otherwise. File as unknown.

 photo IMG_8037_zps03fd119e.jpg
Colors look like Ganoderma lucidum complex, but matte finish texture is all wrong. File as unknown polypore.

 photo IMG_8035_zpsa3faf0c1.jpg
Coral mushrooms need microscopy to positively identify. Color, habitat (growing from deadwood), and degree of branching strongly suggest Artomyces pyxidatus.

We found a group of blewits, too--but instead of the expected purple they were a faintly pink buff color. All other field markings including odor and spore print fit perfectly.

3:00 snapshot #1785: Sunday

 photo IMG_8041_zpsf5ca9d07.jpg
Here's my four person mushroom class from this past weekend! I was surprised to have such a small group since this time of year is great for mushrooming, but small groups like this get to learn more. I like actually knowing their names and what their interested in, and staying together in one group rather than spread out so I have to repeat myself to the stragglers. Good, interested group!


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