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Thanks for those suggestions

I forgot to add that Alexis has decreed that as long as the weather is better in LA than it is in Boston, we will not be spending any unnecessary time indoors. I absolutely loved the Getty and Page museums, but they may be off the table (of course, they both have large outdoor components so...)

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Oh yeah

cottonmanifesto and I are about to spend a week in Los Angeles. Any suggestions?

science museum basement

 photo IMGP2828_zpsoubs7uo2.jpg
This black rat snake was showing off its extraordinary climbing ability.

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The science of dogs and other things

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My dad and I went to the Springfield (Massachusetts) Science Museum a couple days ago. They have a temporary exhibit about dogs up now.

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First big snow

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Last weekend, while everywhere between DC and NY was getting whomped with 2 feet of snow, we got a steady but light event. I went out at twilight because the light looked weird and I liked it.

 photo IMGP2806_zpso1zs1k2z.jpg
This snowy swamp is a retaining pond for road runoff.

 photo IMGP2811_zpsbinzusvo.jpg
Looking up into our neighborhood from the main road.

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Urban Apples Uneaten

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A couple weeks ago, after our walk in the Forest Hills Cemetery, I came across an apple tree.

 photo IMGP2801_zpsoh8qg7sn.jpg
SO MANY uneaten apples

Forest Hills Cemetery

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Alexis and I went to Forest Hills Cemetery last week. It's a large beautiful graveyard with public art and grand old trees; also, you are allowed to bring dogs there, so we did.

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Tapinoma melanocephalum, the ghost ant, was featured on my 280 days of Urbpandemonium post on New Years Day. Here are some more shots of this interesting little invasive pest species. Here is a worker on the edge of a thin sheet of plywood.

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Have I posted about Blade Runner before?

I feel like I must have. One of my favorite blog subjects seems to be "movies that everyone likes except me." I have attempted to watch Blade Runner at least 3 maybe 4 times. I finally succeeded last night, only falling asleep in the last 8 minutes, in which (like so much of the movie), nothing happens. I watched the "Final Cut" version that director Ridley Scott endorses and over which had complete artistic control. Apparently the early DVD transfer was muddy--a serious problem in a movie that is rainy and dark for 2 solid hours--and this was fixed, and the sound was restored as well.

I get the artistic importance of this movie. I get that it was also a technical achievement. In fact, without the painfully dated Vangelis soundtrack it is amazingly ahead of its time. The art movie pacing is a serious problem; I'm surprised as many sci-fi fans worship this movie as they do. I realize that in previous attempts to watch it I had a really hard time figuring out which details were important and which were things that the camera just lingered on for no detectable reason. By now I know the backbone of the story, last night I didn't have to expend as much energy sifting plot points from atmosphere.

My current fear is that the fellow who is choosing the next zookeeper movie night is going to pick Blade Runner. He is on record as declaring it his favorite film, but is he the kind of person who will drag a whole room full of people through the soup of 2019 Los Angeles for two hours? We shall see. And I should talk: I made the same group of people watch my favorite movie, Repo Man.


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