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Failed attempt but pretty

 photo IMGP3290_zpsa0cvipui.jpg
These little black aphids are feeding on our nasturtiums. I was aiming to get a good sharp view of them and ended up with something softer and more impressionistic.

 photo IMGP3297_zpsdnvu8jwj.jpg

Feeding babies to the babies

 photo IMGP3288_zpseecwls0n.jpg
A common grackle caught and killed a fledgling house sparrow, brought it to our yard to dismember and feed it to its own chick.

More venting, sorry

I posted to facebook saying I need to express my rage and grief but that I didn't want to pollute my friends' social media pages.

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Four views of an orchard orbweaver

 photo IMGP3228_zpswnshuhi1.jpg
She's eating something! (probably a small fly that got trapped in her web)

 photo IMGP3232_zpsulhiv8mt.jpg
Leucauge venusta are super common around suburban yards, but so beautiful they deserve a close look.

 photo IMGP3233_zpsc4hfj6rf.jpg
Green, yellow, black, orange, silver...
They are adapted to forest edges, a habitat that humans replicate throughout our parks, yards, and gardens.

 photo IMGP3235_zpszkmfvsov.jpg
They make wonderful neighbors, hanging around the edges of trees and shrubs, taking extra flying insects (there are always extras).
 photo IMGP3217_zpsalks7ihm.jpg
First, right up against the back of the house next to our compost, the magic guardian of the compost. Only the bravest and cleverest of mice may get by the guardian. This was the third time I saw it in the course of the day, but the only halfway decent photo. If you follow Alexis on social media you may have seen me holding it--it never tried to bite, it just thoroughly coated me with its stink gland.

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First day with the new lens

 photo IMGP3171_zpsbxypz5bg.jpg
Ever since I got a digital pentax slr I've had my eye on a particular macro lens. It's not even made by pentax, but it is prohibitively expensive: in the four to five hundred dollar range on Amazon, whenever I check. I checked eBay randomly a week ago, and found it for $275. I thought about what I really like to take pictures of--bugs and mushrroms--and how I've spent a lot of time and money trying to find a reasonably priced way to do it. I bought the lens. Here is the first photo I took with it, a strawberry in our garden.

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First Visit to the Needham Town Forest

 photo IMGP3152_zpsoxy7zna9.jpg
Needham is a small mostly residential town next to the one I live in, in eastern Massachusetts. I don't go there much, except to Cutler Park, a big boardwalked swamp that's fun to visit. To be fair, I haven't been to a big boardwalked swamp that WASN'T insanely fun in my opinion, and I've been to a few. I noticed that in addition to Cutler, there was another parcel of public land in the town, designated Needham Town Forest. When my dad drove up for the day, we went there. It was a very unusual Town Forest in many ways.

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May Urban Nature Walk at Cutler Park

 photo IMGP3112_zpsbqxrvwtn.jpg
This mysterious and perhaps a little creepy stone cabin welcomes you to the south entrance of Cutler Park. The northern end is far more developed and well traveled, and I have never been there.

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Cutler Park Boardwalk

 photo IMGP3114_zpsfge9cnop.jpg
I think Zari appreciates me as a naturalist, but isn't too happy with me as a photographer. This is right as she noticed the ferns among the cattails.

 photo IMGP3115_zps6pxdgqv3.jpg
None of us present knew the identity of this wildflower. A little digging turned up "swamp cinquefoil," Comarum palustre, found in wetlands throughout the northern part of the northern hemisphere.

 photo IMGP3117_zps8xlvglhr.jpg
I appreciate the reassuring messages on the boardwalk.

 photo IMGP3142_zps52rzlu14.jpg
I hadn't thought about it before, but I guess they must trim back the cattails that come up through the boardwalk.


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