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3:00 snapshot #1764: Sunday

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Hey it's my Fungi Field Walk group! Thanks for coming along everyone.

Fungi field walk at Drumlin Farm

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I was frankly dreading today's Fungi Field Walk, because we're in the middle of a drought. I don't think it's rained in over 2 weeks. I expected to find maybe some polypores and perhaps some little forest mushrooms like this one--probably Dacryopinax spathularia.

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3:00 snapshot #1763: Saturday

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After the nature walk, John, Keith, and I went to Flann's.

September Urban Nature Walk in the Riverway

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Despite the dry conditions, there was a bloom of reishi mushrooms coming from subterranean roots

Urban Nature Walk returns to the Riverway, on a quest to reach Ward's Pond, the spring that gives it water. I quickly got over doing an UNW on a Saturday (I have a mushroom class tomorrow) and met up with the group by the Longwood T stop. The first three to show up all brought gigantic cameras, so I will look forward to seeing their pictures, and linking you to them as well.

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3:00 snapshot #1762: Friday

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Friday there was a college track meet across from the zoo service yard.

 photo IMG_7848_zps0a05b28c.jpg

Little bee

 photo IMG_7845_zps9a680adf.jpg
I'm starting to get desperate to see living things. This little bee, possibly a sweat bee, is being very cooperative. That white snakeroot nectar must be delicious.

More Urban Species in my friend's new house

 photo IMG_7826_zps4a033be2.jpg
My friend Alex recently bought a new house. She's getting the full experience of being responsible for the animals that let themselves inside. I have to say I'm very proud of her--she was quite aware that there were at least two species in her bedroom, but did not kill them since they will do more good than harm. I identified one right away as a yellow sac spider, but I had more trouble with this one.

My friend Keith identified it for me: it's a broad-faced sac spider, Trachelas tranquilis. It looks fairly similar to the woodlouse hunter but is not closely related. Like the yellow sac spider it makes a silk refuge to hide in during the day and actively hunts at night. The entry on bug guide adds "...will frequently enter houses by accident in the autumn," which also helps identify it. This individual gets its studio-quality portrait from posing on the window blinds (it was trying to hide and I spooked it out to photograph it).

3:00 snapshot #1761: Thursday

 photo IMG_7824_zps443f3f35.jpg
Sloths. There's a baby in there somewhere, but I think it's all cuddled up in mom.

3:00 snapshot #1760: Wednesday

 photo IMG_0050_zpsf29bae4d.jpg
Wednesday I went to the doctor (NOTE TO SELF: YOU GOT A FLU SHOT ON THIS DAY) which happens to be near my old house on the Muddy River.

 photo IMG_0049_zpsc995f72a.jpg
It's nice to be taking pictures of this river again.

3:00 snapshot #1759: Tuesday

 photo IMG_7809_zps77db9275.jpg
The maples begin to succumb to the season.


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